XCOM 2 SetSoldierStat command

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setsoldierstat [stat ID] [value] [soldier name] [0 or 1]
This command will set the soldier's stat to the specified value. A list of all stat IDs are here.

Command information


Stat ID is the soldier's stat that you want to modify. A list of all possible stat IDs is below:

Stat NameStat ID
Armor Migration Trigger ChanceeStat_ArmorChance
PCM Slot (1 to allow unit to use)eStat_CombatSims
Critical Hit ChanceeStat_CritChance
Enemies Detection RangeeStat_DetectionRadius
Flanking Aim BonuseStat_FlankingAimBonus
Flanking Critical Hit ChanceeStat_FlankingCritChance
Psi OffenceeStat_PsiOffense
Sight radiuseStat_SightRadius
Melee Attack Effect Trigger ChanceeStat_Strength
Max Utility Items Soldier Can CarryeStat_UtilityItems
Max WilleStat_Will

Value is the numerical value you want to set the stat to, such as 100.

Soldier name is the name of the soldier. This command sometimes works with the soldier's name in quotation marks and sometimes without. Try both ways if the command isn't working.

0 or 1 needs to be set only if you are playing with the WOTC DLC. Set it to 1 to change the soldier's base stat and set it to 0 if you do not want to change the soldier's base stat. If you are not playing with the WOTC DLC, ignore this parameter.


The command SetSoldierStat 50 eStat_Dodge Amy Meer will set Amy's Dodge stat to 50.