XCOM 2 GiveContinentBonus command

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givecontinentbonus [continent bonus ID]
This command will give you the specified continent bonus. See all continent bonus IDs here.

Command information


Continent bonus ID is the ID of the continent bonus you want to give yourself.

Continent Bonus NameContinent Bonus ID
All InContinentBonus_AllIn
Armed To The TeethContinentBonus_ArmedToTheTeeth
Fire When ReadyContinentBonus_FireWhenReady
Future CombatContinentBonus_FutureCombat
Helping HandContinentBonus_HelpingHand
Hidden ReservesContinentBonus_HiddenReserves
Lock And LoadContinentBonus_LockAndLoad
Pursuit of KnowledgeContinentBonus_PursuitOfKnowledge
Quid Pro QuoContinentBonus_QuidProQuo
Spare PartsContinentBonus_SpareParts
Spy RingContinentBonus_SpyRing
Suit UpContinentBonus_SuitUp
To Serve MankindContinentBonus_ToServeMankind
Under The TableContinentBonus_UnderTheTable


The command GiveContinentBonus ContinentBonus_PursuitOfKnowledge will give you the Pursuit of Knowledge bonus.