Stellaris planet classes and IDs cheat

This is a searchable and complete list of Stellaris planet classes and their IDs. These IDs are usually used with the planet_class planet class ID command. For example, the command planet_class pc_gas_giant will change the class of the selected planet to Gas Giant.

Search all planets

  • pc_tundra
    planet_class pc_tundra
  • pc_tropical
    planet_class pc_tropical
  • pc_toxic
    planet_class pc_toxic
  • pc_nuked
    planet_class pc_nuked
  • pc_shrouded
    planet_class pc_shrouded
  • pc_shielded
    planet_class pc_shielded
  • pc_shattered
    planet_class pc_shattered
  • pc_savannah
    planet_class pc_savannah
  • pc_cybrex
    planet_class pc_cybrex
  • pc_ringworld_seam_damaged
    planet_class pc_ringworld_seam_damaged
  • pc_ringworld_tech_damaged
    planet_class pc_ringworld_tech_damaged
  • pc_ringworld_habitable_damaged
    planet_class pc_ringworld_habitable_damaged
  • pc_ringworld_seam
    planet_class pc_ringworld_seam
  • pc_ringworld_tech
    planet_class pc_ringworld_tech
  • pc_ringworld_habitable
    planet_class pc_ringworld_habitable
  • pc_pulsar
    planet_class pc_pulsar
  • pc_habitat
    planet_class pc_habitat
  • pc_ocean
    planet_class pc_ocean
  • pc_neutron_star
    planet_class pc_neutron_star
  • pc_molten
    planet_class pc_molten
  • pc_machine
    planet_class pc_machine
  • pc_infested
    planet_class pc_infested
  • pc_ice_asteroid
    planet_class pc_ice_asteroid
  • pc_gas_giant
    planet_class pc_gas_giant
  • pc_gaia
    planet_class pc_gaia
  • pc_frozen
    planet_class pc_frozen
  • pc_desert
    planet_class pc_desert
  • pc_continental
    planet_class pc_continental
  • pc_t_star
    planet_class pc_t_star
  • pc_m_star
    planet_class pc_m_star
  • pc_m_giant_star
    planet_class pc_m_giant_star
  • pc_k_star
    planet_class pc_k_star
  • pc_g_star
    planet_class pc_g_star
  • pc_f_star
    planet_class pc_f_star
  • pc_b_star
    planet_class pc_b_star
  • pc_a_star
    planet_class pc_a_star
  • pc_broken
    planet_class pc_broken
  • pc_black_hole
    planet_class pc_black_hole
  • pc_barren_cold
    planet_class pc_barren_cold
  • pc_barren
    planet_class pc_barren
  • pc_asteroid
    planet_class pc_asteroid
  • pc_arid
    planet_class pc_arid
  • pc_arctic
    planet_class pc_arctic
  • pc_alpine
    planet_class pc_alpine
  • pc_ai
    planet_class pc_ai