XCOM 2 GiveResource command

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giveresource [resource ID] [amount]
This command will give you the resource with the specified ID and amount. In order for this command to work, you must already have the resource in your inventory. If you do not have the resource, use the command additem command to first add the resource to your inventory.

Command information


Resource ID is the ID of the resource you want to give.

The options for Resource ID are:

Resource NameResource ID
Alien AlloysAlienAlloy
Elerium CoreEleriumCore
Elerium CrystalsEleriumDust
Ability PointAbilitypoint

Amount is a number, such as 200 that specifies how much of the resource you want to give.


The command GiveResource Elerium Dust 20 will give you 20 Elerium Dust. Note that you already need to have at least 1 Elerium Dust for this command to work.