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Pokemon Quest Pokedex #032: Nidoran♂
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Pokemon Quest Pokedex #032: Nidoran♂

Pokedex Number #032
Overview Nidoran♂ is a Poison-type Pokemon with 60 base hit points and 140 base attack points. It weighs 19.8 pounds (9.0 kg) and is 1' 8" (0.51 meters) tall.
Height 1' 8" (0.51 meters)
Weight 19.8 pounds (9.0 kg)
Automatic Style
Base Hit Points 60
Base Attack 140
Gold Pot Hit Points 460-560
Gold Pot Attack 540-640
How to Obtain
How to Obtain
Bingo Bonus
Slot 1
  • Taking Critical Hits Rate -10%
  • ATK of Normal Type Moves +5%
  • Own Knockback Distance -10%
Slot 2
  • Resistant to Poisoned +100%
  • Critical Hit Damage +15%
  • Own Knockback Distance -20%
Slot 3
  • ATK +500
  • Critical Hit Rate +20%
  • Own Knockback Distance -30%
Other Languages
Name Nidoran♂
Japanese Name ニドラン♂
German Name Nidoran♂
French Name Nidoran♂
Korean Name 니드런♂
Chinese Name 尼多朗