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Coffee Plant

Prefab Code
Spawn Code coffeebush
Example The command c_spawn("coffeebush", 2) will spawn 2 of Coffee Plant. The command c_spawn("coffeebush") will spawn 1 Coffee Plant. The command c_give("coffeebush", 1) will place 1 Coffee Plant in your inventory.
What are Prefabs? Prefabs are objects in the Don't Starve game. These objects can be spawned using the command console. Open the command console and use the c_spawn("prefab spawn code", amount) command to spawn the item. The command c_give("prefab spawn code", amount) will place the item in your inventory.
How to Enter Commands In Don't Starve, the command console is already enabled by default. To open the console, press the ~ key. This is usually under the Esc key and to the left of the 1 key. To hide the console menu press Ctrl + L. Before entering any console commands, first run the command RunS​cript("consolecommands").
DLC Required